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Abraham's Bay Town Square

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Old Charlton House near Abraham's Bay Town Square
Old Well in Abraham's Bay
Old Well in Abraham's Bay
Old Well in Abraham's Bay
Well Shack in Abraham's Bay Persons would sit while waiting to get water.
Church of God of Prophecy in Abraham's Bay

The settlement of Abraham's Bay, located on Mayaguana's south coast, has a town square circled by remnants of the island's past and symbols of its cultural heritage. You'll find the old Charlton House, former homestead of one of the prominent local families; a well shack where locals would gather to collect water from the wells at the four corners of the square, until as late as the 1980s; plus the iconic Zion Baptist Church and Church of God of Prophecy. Nearby is the Local Government complex, housing offices of the island Administrator and other services, plus Reggie's Restaurant & Lounge, famous for its Conch Chowder. Be sure to visit the square if you take a walking tour of the town; it will certainly be on the list of scheduled stops for any escorted tour.

History of Area

Mayaguana is the only island of The Bahamas that is still called by its original Arawak name, The island was once a favored base for pirates in the wrecking trade and was not settled until 1812, when people began to migrate from the nearby Turks and Caicos Islands.

Acessibility Notes

The site is easily accessible to anyone, but care should be taken by the physically challenged to avoid stepping on loose stones. Persons in wheelchairs should be able to move freely around the site.

For More Information, Contact:

Administrator's Office-Mayaguana
General Delivery, Abraham's Bay, MG
(242) 339-3100 · fax (242) 339-3078

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Latitude: 22.366851000
Longitude: -72.965950000
Elevation: 18 FT (5 M)
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Averi Cleare
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