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Clarence Town

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This breathtaking view can be observed at the top of the twin towers church.
These twin tower churches are both located in the Clarence Town area. The blue and white one is St. Peter and St. Paul's Catholic Church that was designed by Father Jerome who converted himself from Anglican to Catholic.
This is the St. Paul's Anglican Church that is also located in Clarence Town.
This is the inside of the St. Peter and St. Paul's Catholic Church.
This is a view from the top of the twin towers church, a camera is a must have at the top!
This is one of the salt canals located in Clarence Town.

Clarence Town owes its name to Major Archibald William George Taylor, a Loyalist born in 1808 in North Carolina, U.S.A. He supported England during the American Civil War of Independence, and was granted land on Long Island, which is now all of Clarence Town, naming it after one of his brothers.

Major Taylor was a salt harvester and a farmer during his time on Long Island. Still visible are some canals that were cut out by slaves for saltwater to flow through from the ocean to the salt raking ponds.

Today, there are two beautiful churches here of similar appearance, with their twin towers, both designed by John Hawes, aka "Father Jerome." One is Anglican/Episcopal, named St. Paul's Anglican Church; the other is Roman Catholic, named St. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church.

The town also has a marina, two restaurants, a small pub, gas station, police station, post office and community center, there's also the Department of Agriculture which sells locally grown produce and the government dock where the mail boat comes in on a weekly basis.

A small grocery store once located here was destroyed by Hurricane Joaquin on October 1, 2015.


Originally, there was a settlement near Clarence Town called Victoria Village, which housed all of the slaves. The oldest plantation was called Pemberton, which was located outside Clarence Town, where many crown lots are now available.

For More Information, Contact:

Administrator's Office-Long Island
Queen's Highway, Clarence Town, LI
(242) 337-3030
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Latitude: 22.980994000
Longitude: -74.895605000
Elevation: 16 FT (5 M)
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