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Judee's Blissful Creations Souvenir and Craft Store

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Handmade seashell bowl and mat by Ms. Judith Rigby
A variety of items handmade by Ms. Judith Rigby
Bahamian Conch Shell
Handmade shell and sea glass candle/ candy holded
Hamburger bean key chain holders
Handmade mothers day frame
Handmade Goombay mugs
Settlements on Long Island
Sign outside Blissful Creations crafts store
Decorated sponge
This is how Long Islanders greet persons coming to the island for the first time.
Seashell and sea glass decorated mirror for the bedroom or bathroom
A collection of various bottles from back in the day!!
Popular worn hats back in the day. Handmade with sisal.
Variety of products that can be purchased at Blissful Creations.
Antiques that were used by the old folks back in the day. Old stove irons.
Handmade products.
Sea fan decorated with handmade jewelry by Ms. Judith Rigby.
Sewing machines from back in the day.
Handmade and painted Goombay mugs by Ms. Judith Rigby.
The owner and artisan of Blissful Creations, Ms. Judith Rigby.
Handmade and painted door signs.
shell decorated cross.
Handmade seashell letters and pond salt.
Handmade sea glass chime for decoration.
sisal used back in the day to make ropes and hats.
Bahamian Bush teas and remedies by Ms. Judith Rigby.

Name of Person: Ms. Judith Rigby


Judee's Blissful Creations is a100% handmade souvenir and craft store.      
Here you can find a variety of Bahamian Bush teas that can help with certain illnesses. Bush teas such as the Five Finger and Fever Grass can help with fevers, coughs, and colds.     
Located at the back of the store is a mini-museum that showcases items that were once used by our great grandparents when there was no electricity or running water in the homes.

Full Explanation

Ms. Judith Rigby spends most of her early mornings exploring the beaches to find beach treasures to create souvenirs and crafts.


For More Information, Contact:

Ms. Judith Rigby

Queen's Highway, Deadman's Cay , LI
(242) 357-1081

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Latitude: 23.157659000
Longitude: -75.100364000
Elevation: 0 FT (0 M)
Samantha Gierszewski- Fox
Meet the Contributor:
Samantha Gierszewski- Fox
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