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  Scenic Viewpoint

Morgan's Bluff

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Photo of Morgan's Bluff Habour
Aerial view of Morgan's Bluff
Sign at Entrance to Morgan's Bluff Settlement
Morgan's Bluff Habour
Morgan's Bluff Habour
Children on the beach at Morgan's Bluff
Morgan's Bluff Regatta Site
Sign leading to Henry Morgan's Cave
Inside Henry Morgan's Cave
Inside Henry Morgan's Cave

This area is the highest point in North Andros, situated on the northeast coast at the tip of the island. It provides a spectacular view of the Northeast, Northwest Providence channels, and the Tongue of the Ocean, transitioning from the deep blue to the light turquoise of the lagoon separated by the Andros Great Barrier Reef.

It is named from the famous buccaneer/pirate, Sir Henry Morgan. He used this high vista perch to orchestrate the capture of French and Spanish galleons loaded with new world treasures heading to Europe. It is said that he hid the spoils from his plunder in the caves found in this area.

The beach is great for picnicking and swimming, particular for families with children, because the water is shallow and calm.

Accessibility Notes

Persons in wheelchairs or with mobility impairments should have no problem moving around on the site, but should be careful on the sand.

 Pet Friendly Notes

Pets are permitted, but they should be leashed.

For More Information, Contact:

Andros Tourist Office
General Delivery, Andros Town, CS
(242) 368-2286 · fax (242) 368-2285
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 Natural Area
Inside the cave.
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Henry Morgan's Cave

This cave is said to be the site of hidden treasure buried by the infamous 17th century pirate,...


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Latitude: 25.173166000
Longitude: -78.029415000
Elevation: 11 FT (3 M)
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Tarran Simms
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