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  Religious Structure

Mt. Olive Baptist Church

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Current sanctuary of the reorganized Cathedral of Olive. Construction began in 2002 under the leadership of Reverend Albert Campbell and continues under the leadership of Reverend Philip Campbell
Photo of the original Mt. Olive Baptist Church. This is the third edifice of this ministry, Construction began by Pastor E. L. Rolle and was completed by Reverend Henry Campbell.

Sometime during the first quarter of the 1900s, the Rev. William Russell led a group of people who broke away from the Mount Intent Baptist Church, Lowe Sound, Andros. Thereafter, they organized the Mount Olive Baptist Church. While the exact date of organization is unknown, it was established that Pastor William Russell organized Mt. Olive sometime prior to 1924, the year of a dreadful hurricane that left tragic impact upon the Island of Andros. As a consequence of that hurricane, Mt. Intent Baptist Church, which was affiliated with the Zion United Baptist Convention, was destroyed and the members of that congregation joined the Mt. Olive Baptist Church. With time, the Mt Olive Baptist Church would become affiliated with the St. John’s Particular Church of Native Baptist in The Bahamas.

Pastor Hermon Russell made his departure from Mt. Olive and organized the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in Lowe Sound, and regrouped with the Zion United Baptist Convention. Mt. Olive continued its witness as the oldest standing ministry in that community. Pastor William Russell was succeeded by Pastor Samuel Bootle and after the death of Pastor Bootle, the Rev. Edger L. Rolle became the third Pastor of the Mt. Olive Baptist Church. During his leadership, the foundation was laid for the construction of the current facility in Lowe Sound. At the time of his death the present sanctuary roof was incompleted.

The Rev. Henry Campbell succeeded Pastor Rolle and during his tenure in office he completed the sanctuary and renovated it. During his leadership, a group of persons under the leadership of Reverend Mother Prudence Rolle organized the Mt. Freedom Baptist Church. Prior to Pastor Campbell retirement, he began construction of a new education building near the junction of Lowe Sound and Morgan’s Bluff Drive. After the retirement of the Rev. Henry Campbell, Pastor Albert Campbell assumed the leadership mantel and became the fifth Pastor of the Mt. Olive Baptist Church. During his leadership, he completed the Education Building, but because of structural concerns with respect to the sanctuary in Lowe Sound, he began construction of the new sanctuary on Morgan’s Bluff Drive, next to the Education building.

In 2004, accompanied by the entire membership of the original Mt. Olive Baptist Church, Rev. Albert Campbell reorganized the original Mt. Olive Baptist into the Cathedral of Olive. Thus, in 2004 the original Mt. Olive Baptist Church organization now continues under the name of Cathedral of Olive on Morgan’s Bluff Drive, where Rev. Philip Campbell, Ph.D. serves as pastor.

The building of the original Mt. Olive Baptist Church is now being used by a new ministry, which was organized sometime after 2005 by Rev. Dr. M.C. Symonette as the New Mt. Olive Baptist Church, where Rev. Fillmore Russell serves as Pastor. It is worthy of note that the origional Mt. Olive Baptist Church is the mother church of the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, The Lowe Sound Seventh Day Adventist Church, and the New Mt. Freedom Baptist Church.

Hours Open to Visitation
  • Sunday Mornings - 11:00 a.m
  • Sunday Evenings - 7:00 p.m.
  • Friday Evenings - 7:00 p.m.
Accessibility Notes

There is a wheelchair ramp available at the entrance to the sanctuary on the North side of the building. 

For More Information, Contact:

Pastor Philip Campbell Ph.D.

Morgan's Bluff Drive, General Delivery, Lowe Sound, NS
(242) 329-7524
North Andros Tourist Office

General Delivery, Nicholls Town, NS
(242) 329-4487 · fax (242) 368-2285

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Latitude: 25.149123000
Longitude: -78.050325000
Elevation: 26 FT (8 M)
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