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  Cultural Site or District

Salt Pond Cultural Site

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This is the sitting area for person' s that might want to rest their legs.
Welcome to Long Island...Regatta!
Mr. Willis & Ms. Kate Harding, owners of the former Harding's Supply Store. Mr. Harding also owns and operates the Sunshine Real Estate Company in Salt Pond.
This is the recently built stage for performances by the local community and islanders. There are ramps and railings on each side for people with limited mobility that might need to get on the stage.
This is where most artisans display their products during an event. Also, person's sit in this area to watch the regatta boat races.
This is the beach that persons use during the hot summer months. Visiting boaters also pull up their dingy boats to come to shore for brief stops to the gas station, tourist office, or grocery stores.

The Salt Pond Cultural Site is where the annual Long Island Regatta is held every year, during the Whit Monday and Labor Day holiday.
This area was once referred to as 'The Regatta Site.' In 2014 the regatta committee decided to upgrade the venue by adding cabanas, a stage for entertainers to perform, and also state of the art restrooms for persons that would like to take a quick shower after a swim at the beach.

History of Area

During the 1940s the folks used to play softball through Harding's Drive on the salt ponds when they were dried up. The children had to walk three miles daily north of Salt Pond to attend school in McKann's.

During the 1950's most of the Salt Pond men left the area to go and work on the Contract in the United States, in order to provide for their families. It was during these times the women were left to look after the home and raise the children. Harding's Supply Store was the first to open in 1962 and closed in 2013. This store provided groceries, lumber, ice, and bulk water throughout the island.

Acessibility Notes

The site is easily accessible to persons with mobility impairments and those in wheelchairs.

For More Information, Contact:

Mr. Chester Fox

Queen's Highway, Salt Pond, LI
(242) 338-0038
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Latitude: 23.321249000
Longitude: -75.123525000
Elevation: 0 FT (0 M)
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