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Yahaka Island Tours

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Inside Salina Point Cave
Flamingos at Duncan Pond
Duncan Pond
Duncan Pond
Duncan Pond
Bird on a rock at Duncan Pond
Bird in the water at Duncan Pond
Bird flying over Duncan Pond
Bird in a tree at Duncan Pond
Bird in a tree at Duncan Pond
One of the "signatures" at Signature Hill
One of the "signatures" at Signature Hill
One of the "signatures" at Signature Hill
A rock wall on the top of signature hill at Duncan Pond
Inside Salina Point Cave
Inside Salina Point Cave
Inside Salina Point Cave
Inside Salina Point Cave
Inside Salina Point Cave
Inside Salina Point Cave
Darlings Cave
Inside Salina Point Cave
Inside Salina Point Cave
Old Baptist Church in Maran Bay
Old Baptist Church In Maran Bay
Gin House
Bethlehem Baptist Church, Delectable Bay
Plant roots in the Rocks
Lizard on a Rock
Flamingos in the Salina/Mangroves
Sea Island Cotton
Turtle in the Water
Parts From the Church Organ
Old Church Organ
Old Baptist Church
Castle Island Lighthouse
Inside Castle Island Lighthouse
Piece of coal used by visitors who visit the Castle Island Lighthouse
Inside Castle Island Lighthouse
Castle Island Lighthouse
Inside Castle Island Lighthouse
Having fun on Castle island
Traveling to Castle Island by boat
Castle Island Lighthouse

Yahaka Tours gets its name from what locals believe was the original name of Acklins used by the indigenous Lucayans. Our tours are designed to showcase the island's beauty and give you a peek into the way of life in the past.

Sample Itinerary of Experience

Cave Tour
Visit Jumbey Hole, Atwood Harbour, and Salina Point Cave, where you can see a large number of bats, strange but beautiful wall formations, and tree roots that stretch from the ceiling of the cave to the ground.

Iguana Tour
Take a 10-minute boat ride to Iguana Cay and have a unique adventure with Acklins' Iguanas.

Hutia Tour
The hutia is the lone indigenous mammal of The Bahamas and is only found on a few islands, like Acklins and the surrounding cays.

Historical Tours
Tour the island by car and visit a number of historical sites. Take a 15-20 minute boat ride to Castle Island Lighthouse. Or visit Samana Cay and see for yourself if it really was the first landfall of Christopher Columbus.

Snorkeling/Beach/Coral Reef Tour
Have the luxury of sunbathing, or go snorkeling and reef diving — on either Acklins, Crocked Island, or Long Cay.

Costs and Fees

Prices start from $150.00 and go up, depending on the tour package and distance to the sites.

Seasons Open and Departure

Year Round

Accessibility Notes

These tours are not recommended for persons with mobility impairments.

 Locally or Family-Owned Business Notes

At the age of 14, Patricka Ferguson saw something in the desolated island of Acklins that everyone else saw as just an undeveloped, mostly underpopulated island, with one road that goes north and south. She saw unspoiled beauty, untold history, and unexplored scenery. Because of that, she decided that the world should also see what she sees.

She has been exploring the island ever since and has vast knowledge about Acklins, some of which you cannot find by just reading a book or browsing the web.

 Pet Friendly Notes

Pets are not permitted.

For More Information, Contact:

Ms. Patricka Ferguson

Queen's Highway, Delectable Bay, AK
(242) 824-2107
Front of Main Building at Ivel's Bed & Breakfast
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Ivel's Bed and Breakfast

Ivel's Bed & Breakfast overlooks the seaside in a secluded, tranquil setting. We are a...


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Latitude: 22.421068000
Longitude: -73.991263000
Elevation: 16 FT (5 M)
Meet the Contributor:
Patricka Ferguson
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